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Amylee Weeks’ pet collection has become a licensees’ best friend

“Amylee Weeks is always a pleasure to work with and her artwork speaks for itself. It continues to be successful across a number of product lines,”

Zina Hocker, President of Pavilion

With her unique art style and clever messages, Amylee Weeks is enjoying a very strong launch of products featuring artwork from her popular dog & cat collections “Dog Diggity” and “The Cat’s Meow” across a wide spectrum of categories. Pavilion, a Pennsylvania based gift company, introduced “It’s Cats and Dogs” in January as a line of ceramic mugs, coasters, pet bowls, planters, photo frames, key & leash wall hooks, plaques, perpetual calendars and door stoppers for the human fans of pets everywhere.

Calypso Cards, a Providence, Rhode Island company, publishes and distributes contemporary greeting cards and related gift products, recently developed a series of 12 cat & dog cards featuring Amylee’s pet designs, which are now available at specialty retailers in the US and Canada.

Park Designs, a top home and kitchen textile manufacturer based in North Carolina has created eight adorable dishtowels also featuring Amylee’s whimsical dog and cat collections.

“I know how passionate people are about their pets, because I am a pet lover too,” says Amylee Weeks. “I buy things for my pets and for my fellow pet lovers, and I design what I would want to see on those products.”

Pavilion, also recently introduced a new line of giftables featuring Amylee’s artwork for Holiday ’17 called “Snow Pals” as well as extensions to other successful collections from Amylee including “A Mother’s Love”, and “Bloom” featuring mugs, keepsake dishes, ornaments and glass cups. “Amylee is always a pleasure to work with and her artwork speaks for itself. It continues to be successful across a number of product lines,” says Zina Hocker, President of Pavilion.

Legacy Publishing Group, a leading supplier to the gift industry of greeting cards, calendars, notebooks, and other gift items has been a long-time fan and supporter of Amylee’s work. They currently sell a nice selection of calendars, coasters and stationery featuring her trend forward artwork.  Other licensees touting the success of Amylee’s products include Blossom Bucket with their wooden signs, clocks and wall décor, Brownlow Gifts and their line of journals slated to be carried in Lifeway Christian stores this fall, and Manual Woodworkers & Weavers and their innovative reversible pillows.

“It is exciting to see the momentum Amylee’s licensees are experiencing as her presence in the marketplace continues to grow and retailers ask for her product by name. That kind of recognition is a testament to how her artistic style and collaborative product development skills reward her licensee partners with sales,” says Marty Segelbaum, President of MHS Licensing, her representative.

MHS Licensing is a leading licensing and consulting agencies specializing in representing popular artists and advising manufacturers in the search, evaluation and acquisition of new properties and personalities.To learn how you can be a part of Amylee’s growing brand or for more information on MHS Licensing and the properties they represent, visit their website at

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