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MHS Licensing partners with internationally renowned wildlife and dog artist Jim Killen

Jim Killen is a master artist whose 40 year career has spawned a large and fiercely loyal following.

Jim Killen’s paintings cut to the heart of the outdoor experience and will endure for as long as people treasure their dogs, hunting, and the unspoiled places that bring them all together. His enormous portfolio is now available for licensing on a wide variety of product categories including bedding, bath, home and garden décor, paper products, puzzles and more!

As a dedicated conservationist and avid sportsman, Killen merges his passion for the outdoors into every facet of his life. He spends hours with his camera recording the beauty and serenity of nature with his own sporting dogs by his side. Killen’s affection for his companion’s spirit and their loyalty is readily seen in the intimate dog portraits that have earned him the reputation as one of the great dog artists in the world!

Killen’s passion and commitment to wildlife and conservation organizations is prevalent in his paintings. The distinctive style and quality of his artwork spans several decades and has generated millions of dollars for various conservation groups. Killen explains, “I love what I do and hope my paintings capture a cherished memory or bring a sense of joy to those who view them."

"My career as an artist has brought so many wonderful people and opportunities into my life and I am forever grateful. I’m truly looking forward to working with MHS Licensing and seeing my artwork licensed on products people can use in their homes.”

MHS Licensing is one of the nation’s leading licensing and consulting agencies specializing in representing popular artists and advising manufacturers in the search, evaluation and acquisition of new properties and personalities.

For more information on Jim Killen and the other properties MHS Licensing represents or to learn more about their consulting practice, visit their website at

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