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MHS Licensing celebrates 20 years in business

In April 2015 MHS Licensing will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary. Founded in 1995, initially as a sports marketing and licensing company, MHS Licensing has evolved into an internationally recognized licensing and consulting agency.

After successfully helping a sports apparel company grow from $1.8 to $20 million in just 3 years, largely due to licensing, Marty Segelbaum, President and founder of MHS Licensing, struck out on his own. Early success with a highly sought after artist client led to what is now a 7 person firm, representing 30 artists, with over 40,000 designs, and hundreds of licensees.

In 2001,  John Haesler, formerly of Target Stores, Inc. joined him, reinforcing MHS’s expertise in licensing and further growing the consulting side of the business. Over the years key Account Executives and support staff have been added which allows them to continue expanding their capabilities and evolve with the ever changing industry.

Today MHS Licensing specializes in representing popular art brands as well as advising manufacturers in the search, evaluation and acquisition of licensed properties and personalities.

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