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Celebrating 25 Years in Business

One of the nation’s leading art licensing and consulting agencies is turning 25!

In April 2020, MHS Licensing & Consulting will be celebrating their 25 Year Anniversary! Founded in 1995, initially as a sports marketing and licensing company, MHS has evolved into an internationally recognized licensing and consulting agency.

Helping guide a sports apparel company to exponential growth, largely due to licensing, Marty Segelbaum set his sights on even larger accomplishments. With that, he founded MHS Licensing & Consulting.

Similar to his work at the sports apparel company, he began acquiring licensed properties for his clients and building licensing programs for properties he represented.

The business really took off when Scott Olson, inventor of Rollerblade, who was an early client of Marty’s suggested that he consider representing some hockey buddies of his who happen to be wildlife artists. The Hautman Brothers now have 60 licensees generating annual revenue of over $60 million in licensed product sales. MHS Licensing & Consulting now manages a diverse portfolio of more than 40 art properties, running the gamut of coveted genres, over 60,000 designs and partnerships with hundreds of licensees.

Joining MHS in 2001, John Haesler, formerly of Target Stores, Inc., brought additional expertise in licensing and further grew the consulting side of the business. Over the years, key executives and support staff have been added allowing MHS to continue expanding their capabilities and evolve with the ever-changing industry. MHS is currently serving multiple consulting clients in the categories of apparel, home décor, craft/hobby, food gifts, and seasonal products. Licenses acquired on their behalf range among top entertainment/character properties, sports, brand and influencers.

Now considered one of the nation’s leading licensing and consulting agencies, Segelbaum attributes their longevity to the “hard work of our talented artists and staff, ability to recognize and capitalize on marketplace trends, and most importantly, the many relationships developed over the past 25 years.”

Today MHS Licensing & Consulting specializes in representing popular art brands as well as advising manufacturers in the search, evaluation and acquisition of licensed properties, brands and influencers. Collectively their art properties generate in excess of $100 million in annual sales through their 400 licensee partners.

For more information on MHS Licensing & Consulting, visit their website at

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