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Anytime you need additional help feel free to contact your Account Executive or give us a call at 952-544-1377.

Do I need to log-in to browse for artwork?

No, you are not required to log-in to browse all of the artwork shown on our website. You can even use the ArtCart feature to gather and store your favorite images without logging-in. However, you will need to create a profile and officially “log-in” to utilize all the enhanced features of the ArtCart, including submitting your ArtCart to MHS.

What is an ArtCart?

The ArtCart is an easy-to-use online filing cabinet for users of the MHS website. Here you can gather, organize and save images you are potentially interested in licensing into “Carts”. Create one or multiple electronic carts, all stored in your own ArtCart, to which you will have exclusive access. You can return to your saved carts as often as you wish to review or refine your selections.

Within in your ArtCart, you have the flexibility to create and name multiple carts, helping you to easily organize images of interest by artist, subject matter, or a project name of your choice. When you’ve completed your selections, you can save the carts in your ArtCart for future reference and/or submit them to MHS Licensing in order to request higher resolution files, request additional reference materials or simply to confirm availability in your product categories. 

How do I add images to my ArtCart?

When you find an image of interest, simply click the “Add to ArtCart " button that appears when you place your mouse over the image. The image will automatically be saved to the default or active cart of your choice. Once you’ve started adding images your ArtCart will be floating towards the bottom of your page. Here you can manage your selections (i.e. save, print, submit).

If you would like to organize your images by subject matter, artist, project, etc., you can easily create and name additional carts. To create a new cart, maximize the ArtCart panel at the bottom of the website and select “Create New…” from the Selected cart drop down menu. Type in the name of your choice and click Create. The new cart will become active and you will be able to add images to it. Please note: If a new cart is not created, images will automatically be saved into the default cart.

How do I submit my cart to MHS?

You will need to log-in and create a short profile in order to submit your cart to MHS. To log in, click Log-in or Create an Account in the bottom right corner of the ArtCart Panel at the bottom of the page, then follow the prompts.

Once logged in, if you would like to confirm availability of the selected imagery in your categories, request higher resolution files for viewing or additional reference materials, simply maximize the ArtCart panel which is located at the bottom of the website and click ArtCart Manager, this will bring you to a page listing your past and present carts. Here you can select each cart you would like to submit. Or you may choose to open to review and edit your saved images before submitting. Click the "Next Step >" next to the cart you would like to send. Once you’ve clicked, please fill in detailed information on how you would like to further review your selections (for example, PDF, jpgs, etc…) as well as any additional comments, questions you may have. Here you also have the option to share thumbnails of your cart with your colleagues via email. Simply enter any additional email addresses in the appropriate box. When complete, click on “Submit Seletions" at the bottom of the page. You’ll receive an immediate e-mail confirmation.

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