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Amylee Weeks

Amylee’s art is a reflection of her journey of faith. Through simple drawings she listens to her heart and creates what is speaking to her at that point in life’s journey.
With every new collection, Amylee must start with a clean sketch pad. And as she goes through her daily tasks, she thoughtfully draws what is speaking to her soul.

It is Amylee's hope that the recording of her journey and her reflections will speak to another on their journey.

Amylee’s inspirational designs have come to life on a wide variety of products. She is skilled at transforming her simple drawings into beautiful pieces of artwork with the goal of bringing a spark of hope and a hint of joy to all who come across it in their daily lives.
Amylee returned to school when she was in her 30’s – receiving her Graphic Arts degree from the Art Institutes. After completing her degree, she began this journey that she calls a dream come true – creating art for the believer’s heart.



< Licensed Amylee Weeks artwork by Pavilion. “Amylee is always a pleasure to work with and her artwork speaks for itself. It continues to be successful across a number of product lines,” says Zina Hocker, President of Pavilion.
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