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Jen Montgomery

Jen Montgomery is a multi-disciplinary creator. Inspired by kitsch, botanicals and happy mid-century color palettes, she strives to create thoughtful artwork that sparks joy or delight.

Jen experiments with a variety of mediums including gouache, watercolors, brush markers as well as digital techniques.

Most of Jen's artwork is layered, making her designs flexible for a wide-variety of consumer products. 
Jen has always known she was meant to be doing some hybrid of design and illustration. She followed her creative passion and graduated with Honors from the world-renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with a degree in Graphic Design. She has over 12 years of experience working as a packaging designer for Disney Store, a Senior Art Director for a boutique branding agency and now as an independent professional. Jen has always been committed to creative growth and has had collections of artwork brewing even before she knew what licensing was.
When she first learned about licensing, the hairs on her head perked up. She knew this was in her future and she devoured all podcasts, audiobooks, etc. on the topic and has been passionately creating collections for licensing on products. She is very excited to collaborate with licensees and develop successful product lines.
Jen currently resides in the desert of sunny California with her husband and two amazing whippets. Learn more about Jen's work at

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