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Marcie St. Clair

To Marcie St. Clair, evoking a smile with her designs is not only the base of her artwork but also symbolic of her life. "A smile is worth gold in my book", and Marcie lives by this mantra of striving to be content no matter what happens.
Marcie is a single mom with three boys, “All three are incredibly unique and different from each other which can sometimes make parenting that much more of a challenge.” At the same time Marcie views her children as the gems of her life.
Her youngest is autistic and she's given years to intervening for him. Marcie explains, "All of my boys have taught me life changing lessons including my belief that people are more important than things.” 

Marcie's art allows her to express how important valuing a positive life, where a happy and content soul is more important than anything.

An owner of a furniture consignment store, Marcie also tries to be a focused business-woman. "I'm known more for my furniture painting and product face lifts than I am my business sense!"  The store is a place where all of her different experiences come together; graphic designer/art director, artsy home store manager and product buyer, wall and furniture painter, art teacher and coach. Marcie explains, "I love that I can teach classes that motivate others, yet also run the consignment store. Hopefully my customers walk out feeling a little happier".
Marcie juggles her many passions with a bubbly attitude and faces challenges head on with her contagious smile. “Some days it can be a bit much but I also believe that hard work and waking up each day and trying again does make a difference."  I have so much to learn about business, about being a business owner, about being an artist, about being a parent, about  being a person of faith - and gosh, after all that, there’s no time left for anything else!" 
You can find Marcie balancing it all out each and every day in Chaska, Minnesota with  her kids coming and going, and with  her dog, ‘T-bone’. She is a parent, artist, business owner, trash taker-outer, teacher, student, dog walker, and always the believer that tomorrow is a new day.
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