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Stacey Yacula

On most days you will find Stacey Yacula in her quaint little studio not too far off the beaten path in Guelph, Ontario. A secluded home away from home that keeps Stacey close to her life’s greatest passions; her family and her art.
Stacey spent much of her childhood in the cold winters, long nights and hot chocolaty days in northern Canada. Her family’s remote cottage was where Stacey did most of her growing up. Surrounded by an incredible ever-changing backdrop of wilderness, Stacey daydreamed, explored and played carefree with generations of loving family members. It was here that she received her greatest and deepest influences that are still shaping her life.
Pursuing an art career was never a question for Stacey, thanks to a mother who was, and still is, a great source of love and encouragement for her creativity. After graduating from Ryerson University, she spent many years working as a graphic designer and freelancer for several design studios.
With such a strong family influence it comes as no surprise that her focus eventually turned to having a family of her own. Stacey’s time spent raising her children became a very pivotal time in her life as they reconnected Stacey to her own childhood aspirations. Once again her family provided the inspiration and courage to begin developing her own illustrative style. Stacey explains, “I am intrigued by children’s innocence and sense of discovery and how they have this uncanny ability to take in our world with such a sense of purity.”

Stacey’s delightful images capture the innocence of youth with simple strokes and endearing characters.

Everyday designs including nature inspired illustrations, adorable children and animal friends as well as charming holiday themed artwork are all included in her portfolio. Her universally appealing designs will come alive in products ranging from stationery and home décor to kitchen accessories and textiles.
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