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Bringing your work to life is what we do

With over 400 active Licensees in dozens of merchandise categories, MHS has the reach and relationships to provide artists with the best chance of success in the marketplace.

MHS goes above and beyond licensing negotiation to be a true partner, finding market whitespace, turning conventional ideas on their heads and leveraging the strengths of all parties for the best possible outcomes.

Artist Resources Artist Resources
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Why partner with MHS

A Strategic Lens on Creative Business Practices

The MHS team are proven experts in navigating the business side of art licensing. We make complex business decisions based on each artist's needs and ultimately act as their greatest advocate. Artists can trust that MHS will proactively work to keep them relevant, on-trend, and well-positioned for growth, allowing them to focus on what they do best... creating!

Designing Your Licensing Program Together

Through collaborative discussions with our artists, MHS determines our licensing program objectives and then formulates a road map to accomplish those goals. MHS develops a brand positioning plan, identifies the categories of merchandise that offer the most potential, and pursues deals with the leaders in those product categories.

Supporting You, Your Work, and Your Creative Journey

MHS works hard to manage all aspects of the business for our artists, and structure deals to maximize revenue. In addition to ongoing impactful marketing efforts, we constantly attend industry trade shows every year to stay on top of the trends in the marketplace and present artists’ portfolios to a wide range of manufacturers.

How to Submit Artwork

MHS accepts submissions on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Your email submission should be a current representation of your work and attachments should not exceed 10mb. MHS receives many submissions so your adherence to these guidelines will help expedite the process. Please note all information submitted will be kept in strict confidence.

Send your submissions to [email protected] and include the following:
  • Your contact information (name, e-mail & phone)
  • A link to your website (if you have one).
  • Links to any social media.
  • A short bio (five sentences or less).
  • 8-10 examples of your work (PDF and JPGs are acceptable formats). If your artwork submission is larger than 10mb, DO NOT email but instead send your files through a file transfer service such as
  • If available, also include an overview of your property including visual collateral, any art brand positioning, attributes, previous success stories and relevant market research.

What happens after your artwork submission?

The MHS Art Review Committee meets monthly to review art submissions and will explore whether or not working together makes sense. Once a decision has been made, MHS will contact you directly by phone or e-mail. It is not necessary for you to reach out prior to completing their initial review process. Please note that in some cases it may take up to 6 weeks to respond.
Thank you in advance for submitting your artwork to MHS Licensing!


"It's hard to believe it has been over 25 years since we started working with MHS.  The team has always been a pleasure to work with. Their expertise in the business side of things allows  us to concentrate on our artwork. It is inspiring to know that our work can be adapted in so many ways, and be seen by people all around the world."

– The Hautman Brothers

“I love this team! I have been with MHS for over ten years and always feel secure knowing that they are all working incredibly hard to make my licensing program a success. Not only are they top notch professionals, they are also like family to me. I trust them with my art business completely.”

– Stephanie Ryan

"Signing with MHS has been the best decision for my art business!  This team works incredibly hard to get my portfolio into the hands of the right people.  They are professional, genuine and most of all I feel like a part of their team.  I love them!"

– Deane Beesley

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