Diamond Art Club


Diamond Art Club

Objective:  As a relatively new entrant in the DTC craft category, with a burgeoning item, Diamond Art Club was growing quickly but needed to differentiate itself from the lesser quality, much smaller competitors in their space. Licensing was the strategic solution to enable them to do that.

Execution:  MHS really emphasized Diamond Art Club’s superior SEO and technical marketing expertise and their better quality positioning in the marketplace to major licensors. These licensors were compelled to partner with the sector leader and grow with them. Initial impressive success continues to lead to new partnerships with more licensors and provides expanded opportunities in specific demographics.  

Examples of just a few:

  • Warner Bros and its extensive portfolio of properties from DC Comics to Friends.
  • Marvel and its collection of superheroes.
  • Paramount Properties including Spongebob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Blues Clues, Garfield and more.
  • Sesame Workshop

“Early on we identified licensing as a way to accelerate our profitability and growth. However, we did not have the expertise or human capital to take this on internally so we engaged MHS Licensing & Consulting, given their stellar professional reputation. Since then, MHS has more than exceeded our expectations. Their connections, strong work ethic, experience, and consummate negotiation skills have been instrumental for us to partner with leading licensors in order to generate incremental growth quickly. MHS cares about our business as if it was their own, and we continually recognize the value they bring.”

- Angie Shehaj, Co-Founder, Diamond Art Club, LLC.

Diamond Art Club Diamond Art Club
Diamond Art Club Diamond Art Club