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Frequently Asked Questions

How big does my portfolio need to be to get started?

There is no magic number but we have found that a minimum of 25 images or collections provide enough material to make initial compelling presentations to potential licensees. 

I am just learning Photoshop, how proficient at creative software should I be?

At the very minimum we need you to be able to capture and transfer your artwork to us electronically. We welcome art created in traditional media or digital, but ultimately it has to be electronically captured for ease of transfer and archiving. It is ideal if you are so proficient that you can actually apply your artwork to product templates digitally to make even more impactful presentations to potential licensees. 

How much money can I expect to make the first year in licensing?

Building a licensing program is a relatively long process and should be considered a marathon and not a sprint. It may take 18 months before the first royalties start rolling in due to decision making lead-time, market timing, product development and buying lead-times. The object is to build a steady stream of income over the life of the licensing program. 

How much new artwork should I create and submit over the course of a year?

The most successful licensed artists provide a steady stream of new art. There is a direct correlation between the amount of new work provided and the income potential for that licensed artist. The market has a somewhat insatiable demand for new art and those who are able to meet that demand succeed. If we have to put a number on it, one collection of new images per month is a good benchmark. 

What is your contact information?

MHS Licensing
11100 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 550
Minneapolis, MN 55305

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