Abraham Hunter

As early as I can remember I was busy drawing and coloring on anything I could get my hands on. Wildlife and history were my favorite subjects to draw, and I often blended the two subjects by having critters like squirrels and songbirds play the roles of the characters in the stories I would write and illustrate.

I began painting when I was 12 with a watercolor paint set from Walmart. I began to sell my art for $20 dollars a piece, going door to door where local restaurants and gift shops became my first “galleries.” I juggled high school and work, entering as many contests as I could in order to get my art out there.

In 2012, I found a publisher and opened my own gallery, inspiring me to make each new painting better than the one before. I try to paint or sketch every day, learning from masters before me and from my own experiences.

In my art, I try to express my deep longing for a perfect world, full of peaceful homesteads, villages, and wildlife and I also love to paint images that express my faith. I’m a completely self-taught artist, and I’m most concerned with how my art makes viewers feel when they step in to my oil and acrylic paintings.

If my art can give someone peace, happiness, make them feel home and put a smile on their face, then my life’s work at my easel is worth it! 

Abraham and his wife Whitney, and their son live in Knoxville, Tennessee where they work, raise a family, and explore the mountains around them, with visits to the beach as often as they can. An award-winning artist with a Federal Jr. Duck Stamp win, and multiple wildlife conservation groups’ Art Print of the Year designations, young Abraham has a brilliant career ahead of him.

For more information on Abraham Hunter, visit his website at www.abrahamhunter.com.