Jetty Home

Emily Wood, Jetty Home’s founder and designer, focuses her artwork on elements inspired by travel and the natural world – especially the coast and ocean. Emily tries to evoke the feeling that the beach and ocean still gives her – a sense of relaxation, calmness, happiness, and simplicity – in all of her art.

She draws a huge amount of subject matter, composition, and color palette inspiration from different locations throughout the world. Emily loves to travel and, even more, loves to share her feelings about a place through painting and drawing.

The beginning to a new collection always starts with color palette selection. She likes to pull together colors that resonate with her and feel like they properly represent the overall sentiment of that locale from her perspective. From there, she creates imagery that represents the chosen location – through relaxing landscapes, impressionist inspired abstract paintings, modern illustrations and patterns using dots, lines and other illustrative markings. These are inspired by patterns found in the natural world or something that she is reminded of from her travels.

Emily enjoys exploring many artistic styles and loves how Jetty Home represents all of the millions of ideas in her head all at once.

Currently, Emily resides in Southern California with her husband, dachshund, and cat. Learn more about Emily’s artistic process at or check out her Instagram: jettyhome