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The tool kit of licensing, consulting and business development skills that the MHS team possesses can be leveraged in a multitude of ways to meet your needs.

1. Art & Brand Licensing

As a licensing agency, we represent intellectual property owners such as artists, illustrators, and owners of trademarks, patents and brands (licensors) who want to monetize their intellectual properties by licensing their use to manufacturers of consumer products such as home furnishings, gifts, and textiles.

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2. Consulting for Manufacturers

Licensing is a $150 billion plus business worldwide, consisting of a diverse range of intellectual properties from professional sports to entertainment brands. Savvy business owners and marketers use licensed properties as a strategic business tool to grow their business, break into new markets, and launch innovative new products.

Manufacturers rely on MHS Licensing to advise them in the search, evaluation, and acquisition of appropriate properties and brands. As a licensing consultant for manufacturers we have successfully negotiated deals on behalf of our manufacturing clients in such categories as apparel, seasonal décor, home textiles, fashion accessories, craft, and sporting goods with major licensors.

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3. Business Development

MHS Licensing serves as a resource for major companies and brands by providing them strategic direction and execution including:

  • Developing and executing marketing plans.
  • Identifying and expanding channels of distribution, including sales networks.
  • Identifying product opportunities based on consumer trends and competitor analysis.
  • Counseling on direct-to-retail licensing to major retailers.

Capitalizing on more than 18 years of retail experience in department stores such as Federated and mass merchants like Target Corporation, MHS Licensing is able to help our clients get business done.

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