Blue Chair Blessing

Blue Chair Blessing

I am so grateful for the opportunity to paint, illustrate and hand-letter using the truth of God’s word! I’m moved and inspired by His goodness and love.

When I went through my divorce several years ago, I sat exhausted in a little blue chair outside my home to rest and pray. With tears pouring down, the Lord gave me the verse Psalm 147:3.

I knew He would see us through, and I was so grateful for His comfort and grace. Painting was (and is) a joy that He has given, and I pray it brings Him honor and glory.

I have loved creating since I was a child. My favorite medium is watercolor, but I do use acrylics and some sketches, too.

My greatest joy on this earth is being a mom to my two children (now teenagers). They are a gift! I enjoy going to my son’s football games, listening to my daughter sing, laughing and being silly with both of them and of course, movie nights! They are amazing young people and it is my honor to be their mother.

There have been many hills and valleys but one thing I know - God is faithful through it all. I hope my art will help bring some encouragement as we’re reminded of His promises. I am only able to do anything by His grace. I hope you enjoy the art - grace and peace to you all.