Courtney Morgenstern

Courtney Morgenstern is inspired by joy – the fluid strokes of nature, the happiness of time well spent in her Grandma’s garden among the colorful flowers on the backdrop of a clear blue, perfect day.

Emerging from a creative family, those around her knew she’d follow suit when she spent her childhood drawing, coloring, painting, and organizing her crayon box in rainbow order.

Originally from mid-Michigan, she attended Kendall College of Art & Design and after a brief stint in marketing, Courtney landed a job as a greeting card designer and fell in love with the stationery world; especially the ever-evolving trends and applications mirroring the fashion and textile industries. From there she segued into interior design; applying trend, training, and her keen eye to rug and fabric design.

Her style reflects nature with a contemporary nod; she’s inspired by seamless textile patterns, watercolors, and hand-drawn typography.

Courtney's hope is to share and inspire joy with her designs. Each time you encounter her unique creations you experience nature’s beauty – her joy is your joy.

Courtney returned to Midland, Michigan and calls it home with her husband, Rob, and their two boys.