Darrell Bush

The wilderness has always fascinated Darrell from its incredible landscapes to the animals that inhabit it and our involvement with it. Darrell explains, "Once you take that step into the wilderness your baggage of daily life gets left behind, and you’re transported to that eternal place in nature that seems to always be waiting for you."

"I am especially interested in the history and the rich traditions of man’s involvement with nature. The sporting life that depicts the interaction between man and nature inspires me to create art that stands alone. I am always searching for that next great setting or antique props that will help me recreate those moments in time we call nostalgia."

Darrell paints a variety of subjects ranging from wildlife, to landscapes, seascapes, nostalgia, and even an occasional still life.

One element echoing through all of Darrell's artwork is the luminescent presence of light. Light, whether man-made or natural creates a mood and helps convey the story. Click here to watch Darrell paint one of his latest cardinal image.

Two of his lithographs hang in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and his work was also part of a special reception at the prestigious Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Actor Burt Reynolds and celebrity animal expert Jack Hanna also own his work.

Darrell has also contributed several print editions to The Boy Scouts of America fund-raising programs. In addition, a number of conservation organizations have also benefited from his generosity including The National Fish and Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and The National Wild Turkey Federation. The publications Wildlife Art, U.S. Art, Inform Art, Midwest Today, Minnesota Water fowler, and Gander Mountain have all featured Darrell's art.

Learn more about Darrell Bush at www.darrellbushart.com.