Fluidity artwork is guided by gravity resulting in beautiful organic waves of engaging color. Created by Cathy Anderson, each piece begins by pouring acrylic paint onto a canvas and manipulating the flow of the colors without the need for brushes.

Every mesmerizing creation is unique. “I have a vision of how I think one will turn out, but things can change quickly and the final results can be completely unexpected. The paints seem to have a plan of their own.”

Although having no formal training, Cathy has always had an interest in abstract art. When discovering fluid art there was an instant connection.

“There's something calming and fascinating about watching the colors flow across the canvas. I love seeing people's reactions when they watch a pour transform from a cup of layered paints into a piece of art.”

Growing up in New England, color has always been in the forefront and an inspiration for Cathy. Many of the Fluidity designs are created around water, nature, seasonal and everyday trends. New ideas and techniques keep Fluidity continuously evolving.

Cathy still lives in New England with her husband and dog (Esther).