Larry Hersberger

Known as the Art of Magic and Light®, Larry Hersberger’s work has been internationally licensed by numerous companies for products worldwide. 

Hersberger creates artwork that is quite unique. His theatrical and storytelling technique coupled with his wide skill set expands the boundaries of artistic creation. The resulting artwork truly stops people in their tracks and captures their imagination.

In his lifetime, Larry has created for clients in 51 countries around the world and has lectured in 5 countries.

Touching a global audience with a joyous message has always been important to him. "As an artist, my goal is to create artwork that begs your gaze. If done well, it will make you search, study and take it in. I want the viewer to feel and live the artwork and have it connect with their own life experiences and their imagination."

Larry continues, “My work takes me to a place of creation, not duplication. I love that edge. It is the unknown and where “new” things are waiting to be discovered.”