Lovitude™ paintings are ‘visual blessings’ and have been said to elucidate, awaken and activate souls. Anne Pryor is a Soul Painting Artist and the creator of Lovitude™; meaning Love and Gratitude, the highest energy in the universe.

Anne Pryor’s unusual technique is created with alcohol ink, her breath (no paint brushes) and a variety of essential oils, including frankincense and myrrh, that bless each composition. Her colorful paintings are infused with gold metallic ink and painted on clear plastic.

Anne has studied and seen the adverse effects of negative thought energy and as such, has been inspired to spread positive thoughts and positive energy in her everyday life as well as through her striking paintings.

Anne explains, “Deep within us, positive thought energy burns bright. When we let this energy fill us and spill over into the world with love and gratitude, the ripples are felt throughout the world."

Anne was inspired to paint after receiving messages from a former colleague who passed shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. She continues to receive “After Death Messages” and inspiration to this day.

Anne has a Master’s Degree in Human Development and Holistic Health and Wellness and her images have been featured at the IANS (International Association of Near Death Society), at Memorial Services and enjoyed in collections globally.

Anne is a Thought Leader and LinkedIn Coach and also the Co-Creator of Lifting Up Leadership™, a new model to shift heart, mind, and soul that has transcended leaders and teams for good. She currently resides in Minneapolis, MN.

Visit the Lovitude™ website at www.lovitude.com.