Luis Fitch

Luis Fitch is an internationally renowned Hispanic designer, who is currently the founder and a managing partner of UNO, “Branding for the New Majority”, a multicultural, strategic visual communication agency.  Luis possesses an expertise and bicultural perspective unequaled in the advertising and merchandising realm.

Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Luis moved to the United States in 1985. There he attended the prestigious Art Center College of Design at Pasadena, California. He graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphics and Packaging Design.

From 1990 to 1998 Luis held creative positions with four of the most prominent agencies in the US retail marketing industry: Minneapolis firms John Ryan Company and FAME—and two Columbus, Ohio agencies, Retail Planning Associates (RPA) and Fitch Inc.  The culmination of all these years of practice was his founding of UNO, “Branding for the new majority” in 1999. 

He has since assembled a team of designers and consultants to help him bring about his vision of what Hispanic marketing communication and product development can and should be.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Luis has a proven track record of melding Yankee merchandising know-how with Hispanic sensibilities.

While he has enjoyed great success with commercial art through his agency UNO, his fine art work has been presented nationally and internationally and is in more than 100 collections in Latin America and the U.S.  He works in multiple mediums: painting, found objects, photography, drawing, design and installation art.

With the accelerated growth of the Hispanic population in the US, Luis is anxious to insure this market is served. “More than ever in the new face of America there is a great opportunity to develop licensing programs centered primarily in Hispanic themes with a cross-over appeal,” says Luis Fitch. With his Hispanic roots and skills in design, he is uniquely qualified to do just that.