PDR Studios

PDR Studios

At PDR Studios, we love to translate current trends into design concepts that fit the ever- changing marketplace. Our team of prolific designers are truly passionate about creating artwork that builds the oh-so-important connection with the consumer.

Based in Minnesota, we are surrounded by the ever-changing beauty that nature has gifted us. (Though sometimes the snow doesn’t feel like a gift!) The change of seasons (plus our 10,000 Lakes) with all their nuances and color transformations are a daily inspiration.

We enjoy designing for all occasions and love to experiment by mixing new trends with a traditional flair. 

Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing our designs grace the store shelves across the country (unless of course there is a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies in the room…then the cookies win). As we say in the studio, “Life is short, surround yourself with good people and chocolate chip cookies.”

In addition to many other cookie quotes, we are also fond of these daily inspirations:

- Hustle + Heart will set you apart.
- Be a Fruit Loop in a world of Cheerios.