Terrence Fogarty

Terrence Fogarty

Summer ripens in a dust of light beneath Terrence Fogarty’s paint brush. Autumn comes alive with points of fire and color for an artist who turns dabs of oil paint into highly realistic artwork. His unique ability to connect with our emotional attachment to sports is a hallmark of his work.

Meticulous research and attention to detail is the foundation of his art. Even before sketching his compositions, Fogarty will head out with a camera looking for the exact setting he envisions and will also utilize live models, staging scenes and recording the details for future reference. Fogarty prefers oil paint, because the medium produces rich, vibrant colors and the opportunity to work with paint that stays wet for a long time.

Terrence grew up on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota where memories of attending events with his father inspired his love of sports. After graduating from High School, he focused on art at Southwest Minnesota State University under the guidance of highly respected artist Edward Evans. 

Many early paintings were commissioned by sports memorabilia companies, such as the Danbury Mint and the Hamilton Collection. These pieces had an illustrative quality and provided work opportunities for a young artist but left scant room for creativity. As Fogarty’s work progressed, the art became more innovative and more personal. Among those early pieces that caught the imaginations of collectors were panoramic paintings of old stadiums and sports arenas. 

Amateur and youth sports has always been, and continues to be, a favorite subject of Fogarty. More recently his work has ranged beyond the world of sports to include aviation and vintage train artwork. Fogarty is often commissioned by professional, collegiate, and amateur sports organizations to create commemorative paintings and he also accepts private commissions when his schedule permits.

Terrence lives with his wife Karen, daughter Elizabeth and the family dachshund ‘Georgia’ in Victoria, Minnesota.